Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wonder Extended

Okay, I’ve been a bad blogger. I was out of town and I haven’t kept things up to date. I don’t have anything too great to post at this time but I thought I would jump on the “Wonder” band wagon from Mythic Reality a few weeks back. This weekend I was at the Mall of America at the Rain Forest Café. We sat right next to this waterfall fountain thing that had a giant statue of Atlas holding up the world. There were lights and waterfalls and lots of water shooting around. A little girl maybe three years old walked up with her grandma. The little girl squeezed past our table as grandma gave her permission and watched. The girl got as close as she could and took it all in. She looked up at the statue and all around at the lights and water fall. She shifted over to get a better view. She was awestruck and quietly soaked in all the sensations. After a few minutes she went back and took her grandma’s hand and they walked away.

It was a joy to me to watch another person look at a new part of the world for her with so much wonder.


Sam said...

My wife and I are taking 5 of my kids to Chicago in a couple of weeks. We'll check it out.

Jon said...

Reminds me of something Someone said once about "becoming like a child" before you can see the kingdom.


John said...

Cool thought Jon. Kingdom as a sense of wonder. Is that part of it?

Hi Sam, Sweet Home Chicago!!! We love going to Chicago. Have a blast.