Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Random Thought

I believe some day we will arrive at something call I call economic equilibrium. A time when pretty much every one every where will have an opportunity to participate in a robust and dynamic economy similar to the U. S. or Japan, or Sweden. A time when there will not be whole countries where just about everyone is dirt poor.

I hope it happens in our life time. But it raises a question. Today us rich folks in the rich countries benefit from the very poor folks who make our clothes for a few dollars a day. What will happen when we are participating in the more advanced and successful economic system? Who will make the clothes? So, everyone can have lots of inexpensive and fashionable clothes?

Here is a wild theory. We will genetically engineer primates. So, they have the dexterity and intelligence to make the clothes and be willing to do it for very little compensation. Bioclothingmachines.

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