Sunday, May 20, 2007


I heard this on NPR.

Moses, Jesus, and an old man with a beard were playing golf. They came up to the 13th hole and there was a huge pond just in front of the green.

Moses teed off and sure enough his ball went right into the pond. He huffed and walked down to the pond and held his golf club up and the waters parted. He walked up to the ball and made a beautiful chip shot right on to the green.

Jesus was next and sure enough when he teed off his ball went right into the pond. He rolled his eyes and shook his head and headed down to the pond. When he got there we walked on top of the water and sure enough the ball rose to the top and he too made a beautiful chip shot right on to the green.

Finally the old man with the beard teed off. His ball went way off course. In fact if flew clear off the golf course. A bus happened to be passing and the ball bounced of the bus back onto the fairway and bounced twice and landed on a Lilly Pad in the middle of the pond. A frog hopped on the Lilly Pad picked up the ball and started to hop from Pad to Pad across the pond when an eagle swooped down and scooped up the frog and started to fly away, the ball still in the frog’s mouth. Finally, when the eagle, frog in tow, was over the green, the frog spit out the ball. It bounced on the green once and landed right in the cup.

At this point Moses leaned over to Jesus and said “I hate playing with your Dad.”

I believe this and many other good jokes can be found in the following book.

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