Sunday, December 21, 2008

Schedule of Instigation

Hopefully the schedule below is self explanitory. (I will change it if someone drops out.)

Instigator: John
Pages: 0 - 42
Sections: Cover, Also Available from Simon & Schuster, Various Notes on the Publication, Table of Contents, Memoir, Introduction.
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 1/19/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 1/21/09

Instigator: Jon
Pages: 43- 78
Sections: Costly Grace, The Call to Discipleship
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 2/2/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 2/4/09

Instigator: Thomas
Pages: 79 - 101
Sections: Single Minded Obedience, Discipleship and the Cross
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 2/16/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 2/18/09

Instigator: Eric
Pages: 105 - 139
Sections: The Beatitudes, The Righteousness of Christ, The Brother, Women, Truthfulness
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 3/9/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 3/11/09

Instigator: Matt
Pages: 140 - 172
Sections: Revenge, The Enemy - the "Extraordinary", The Hidden Righteousness, The Hiddenness of Prayer, The Hiddenness of the Devout Life.
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 3/23/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 3/25/09

Instigator: Gil
Pages: 173 - 197
Sections: The Simplicity of the Carefree Life, The Disciple and Unbelievers, The Great Divide, The Conclusion
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 4/20/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 4/22/09

Instigator: John
Pages: 201 - 221
Sections: The Harvest, The Apostles, The Work, The Suffering of the Messangers, The Decision, The Fruit
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 5/4/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 5/6/09

Instigator: Thomas
Pages: 223 - 247
Sections: Preliminary Questions, Baptism, The Body of Christ,
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 5/18/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 5/20/09

Instigator: Eric
Pages: 248 - 271
Sections: The Visible Community
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 6/3/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 6/5/09

Instigator: Gil
Pages: 272 - 317
Sections: The Saints, The Image of Christ, Index of Subjects, Index of Biblical References, Other Books by Bonhoeffer.
Instigation Deadline: EOD - 6/17/09
Response Deadline: EOD - 6/19/09


Jon said...

Hate to bother, but, why no tea and scones?

John said...

Alright! We can have scones. But they have to be virtual scones and you have to bring your own. But no tea. It messes up the keyboard if you spill it. Even the virtual tea can be a problem. I knew from the start that this would be the biggest problem with this book club.

Jon said...

Awesome. I'll try not to spill.

Also, what does dot5baked mean? I don't think I can keep my tea down until I know.

John said...

dot5baked = .5 baked = half baked

Which will hopefully not be the status of any scones that are consumed.

Jon said...

Fascinating. I wasn't even .5 right in my guess.

Eric Christopher said...

I'm in.

Dad said...

I'm in. I oedered a book and it should be here today.

matt said...

Since my lovely bride doesn't share her emails with me, even the ones that are meant for me, I had completely forgotten about this until about 3 minutes ago.

I will do my best to get the book, from the library because I'm broke, and contribute asap.