Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Soul: Introduction to My Personal Odyssey of Not Discovering the Soul

I, like most people, grew up believing I had a soul. By which, and with out getting into a voluminous discussion on the subject, I mean the immaterial real me. The part of me that is not limited to my body or even the capabilities of my brain. The part of me that lives on after my dashing good looks and sleek physique have expired. The following posts outline my personal journey that has led me to believe that we humans do not have an immaterial soul. Please note that these posts only regard the idea of the human soul. I’m not trying to comment on whether other types of immaterial beings exist. That is “things” that are not part of the physical natural world. Things like God, gods, angels, demons, etc. That is for another discussion. In these posts I am only discussing whether individual humans have an immaterial part of them that is uniquely their own as a human.

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