Saturday, December 30, 2006


Another early start. Beans for Breakfast. Another day working on the clinic. I talked with some of the El Salvadorans again. I was even able to make a couple jokes in Spanish. Two of the El Salvadorans spent the whole day cutting a set of steal rods and fashioning a fairly intricate metal lattice door. This a common feature in El Salvador. It was pretty impressive craftsmanship. Wiped out after a pretty hard days work. Nothing else to say about the day. That evening some couples who ran some non government sponsored preschools on the edge of town (economically depressed areas by El Salvadoran standards) came over to pick up the school supplies we brought. They were dressed up in their best clothes and looked immaculate. You could tell this was a big deal to them. This brings me to another observation. Even though there was limited running water people were very clean. Except for the ever present drunks and the men who had been working in the fields everybody was very clean. Headed to bed. Earplugs. Slept like a log.

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